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  1. Exclusive Interview with “The Mindy Project” Beth Grant

    Jessica Fredrickson

    The Mindy Project - Season 4

    When FOX didn’t renew “The Mindy Project” hearts were broken all over this Mindy Crazed World. Luckily HULU picked up the series and it will be returning September 15. We…

  2. Modern Love Lessons from Mindy and Danny

    Rebecca Edwards


    We can’t even begin to express how thrilled and relieved we are that Hulu saved “The Mindy Project.” Our lives just wouldn’t be the same without Mindy’s adorable brand of…

  3. “The Mindy Project”: Who Should Be Mindy’s New Male BFF?

    Treva Bowdoin

    “The Mindy Project” is doing an excellent job proving that having two main characters hook up doesn’t have to be a jump-the-shark moment. However, now that Danny Castellano is giving…

  4. 5 Stars You Can’t Miss This Season on “The Mindy Project”

    Treva Bowdoin

    Mindy Lahiri’s revolving door of potential Mr. Rights was jammed up by Danny Castellano last season. But “The Mindy Project” hasn’t stopped casting amazing guest stars just because Bridget Jones…

  5. 6 Reasons Fans of “The Mindy Project” Should Give “Selfie” a Chance

    Treva Bowdoin

    The fall ABC series “Selfie” isn’t getting a lot of love on the web, most likely because there are a lot of people out there who aren’t fans of the…

  6. The Funniest Almost-Sex Scenes on “The Mindy Project”

    Treva Bowdoin

    The love life of Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) has turned out to be nothing like the rom-coms that she admires so much. However, her inability to obtain that Meg Ryan-esque…

  7. Mindy Kaling is Hilarious. Who Cares That She’s a Woman?

    Kim Leonard

    “The Mindy Project” is back (Mondays, 9 p.m.), audiences are hooked, FOX has renewed the show for a third season and basically everyone is GAME ON for Mindy, Danny, ups,…

  8. “The Mindy Project”: What’s Next for Mindy and Danny After That Big Kiss?

    Treva Bowdoin

    It would be so easy for “The Mindy Project” to avoid dealing with the fallout of that big kiss by turning the whole thing into nothing but a dream. The…

  9. Best New Shows to Replace Old Favorites

    Patty Castillo

    The Office has finally closed its doors after nine long, hilariously awkward years, and Liz Lemon and the gang at 30 Rock have ended their run after seven seasons. The…