Articles tagged "television"

  1. When Is The Best Time To Buy A TV? 2013

    Emiah Gardner

    In 2011 we asked this same question, when is the best time to buy a TV? After extensive research, we concluded that February is the absolute best time to purchase…

  2. Does Switching Networks Spell The End for TV Shows?

    Aaron Eldredge

    They’re called Network Jumpers—shows that switch networks while still in syndication.  Why do TV shows switch networks? Does network jumping  usually spell the end for a show, or is there…

  3. Ultra HD For You,You, and You: Ultra HD For Everyone!

    Dwayne Hogan

      Ultra HD for the Masses Ultra HDTVs were the talk of this year’s CES expo. With an Ultra HDTV, you can expect to experience four times the resolution of…

  4. Social TV Is Affecting Your Thoughts And Opinions In A Surprising Way

    Emiah Gardner

    The Psychology Behind Social TV Not long ago, I was sitting with a friend watching  Suits, when a small symbol popped up on the screen. Before I knew it, my…

  5. What Is Social TV?

    Emiah Gardner

    The word “social” has become one of the most important words in our modern lexicon. There’s social media, social networks, social blogging, and now social TV. In short, the word…

  6. What Kind of Person Watches Reality TV?

    Emiah Gardner

    Your mom may have once told you that watching TV would rot your brain, but she probably never imagined the likes of Jersey Shore and Keeping Up with the Kardashians….

  7. 5 Shows You Probably Aren’t Watching but Should Be

    Emiah Gardner

    Between work, family, and trying to have some semblance of a social life, most of us only have a few moments each day to call our own before we’re hitting…

  8. A graphic of what size your TV should be.


    Did you know that there’s an equation you can use to calculate the perfect size of TV for anywhere in your house? It’s true! And this small graphic shows you…

  9. What would it take to never see another TV in your life?


    Have you ever wondered what you’d have to do in order to avoid seeing a television for the rest of your life? Neither had I, but there’s a first time…

  10. How to Fix a Buzzing TV


    Buzzing TV

    Hear that? Everyone has been forced to endure a buzzing TV at some point in his or her life. Either at the cabin because you’re lucky any signal makes it…