Articles tagged "tech startups"

  1. The Stars of TechStars NYC Demo Day 2013 – Get To Know These Companies

    Emiah Gardner

    TechStars NYC 2013

    Since 2006 TechStars has helped 199 startups gain funding with their mentorship-driven seed stage investment program.   Initially TechStars was exclusively in its founders native, Boulder, Colorado and has expanded to…

  2. Get A Qloo: The Entertainment Startup You Should Know About Now

    Emiah Gardner

    Interview with Qloo founder, Alex Elias Qloo is a cultural discovery platform that offers recommendations based on your curated tastes—for music, film, TV, dining, nightlife, fashion, books, and travel. As…

  3. 3 Tech Startups That May Disrupt the Way We Experience Entertainment

    Emiah Gardner

    With the development of technology, we have been given the ability to view what we want, when we want it, placing instant entertainment at our fingertips. It’s great for us,…