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Articles tagged "streaming services"

  1. How Netflix is Becoming a Realistic Competitor with HBO

    Emiah Gardner

    Which company started by providing Hollywood films to subscribers using a growing technology, quickly rose above the others, and eventually raised the stakes by providing highly regarded original programming? Up…

  2. Netflix Says: Keep Your Suggestions to Yourself!

    Jess Hutton

    Netflix announced it is adding profiles so you can do just that. Each subscription will get five unique profiles, and each profile will be given recommendations based on their particular…

  3. Netflix and HBO: The War of the Streaming Titans

    Nick Pedersen

    A battle is currently being waged between the ever-popular cable TV network HBO and recent rival to their game, Netflix. Netflix and HBO have been dueling it out on the…

  4. Star App of The Week: Crackle

    Emiah Gardner

    Do you need some TV on your mobile device? Are you overwhelmed by all that unknown online TV programming, or hesitant to shell out for Netflix or Amazon Prime? Crackle…