Articles tagged "startups"

  1. HBO’s “Silicon Valley”- The Nerdy Version of “Entourage”?

    Kim Leonard

    We’ve seen the “Mad Men” of the advertising age, the “Entourage” movie star cadres, and the cultures that build around the wolves of Wall Street. Now HBO’s new comedy “Silicon…

  2. Five New Entertainment Startups You Should Follow


    Although the economy seems sluggish, employment growth would be nonexistent without small businesses and startups. So what are the latest startup trends? Entertainment startups. Entertainment entrepreneurs from all over the…

  3. 3 Tech Startups That May Disrupt the Way We Experience Entertainment

    Emiah Gardner

    With the development of technology, we have been given the ability to view what we want, when we want it, placing instant entertainment at our fingertips. It’s great for us,…