Articles tagged "star app of the week"

  1. Best Free TV App of the Week: IntoNow — TV Watcher’s Companion Application


    There is nothing better than a free application that combines social networking, behind-the-scenes photos, commentary, and a forum all in one place. likes to share our best Star App…

  2. Two Thumbs Up for Zeebox: Our App of the Week

    Lisa Fowler

      We’ve seen a lot of buzz about Zeebox lately. It’s a second-screen app that provides discovery, info, sharing, and the usual social TV features. So the big question is:…

  3. Watch and Earn with Viggle, Our Social TV App of the Week

    Emiah Gardner

    By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Viggle, the TV check-in app that gives you rewards for watching. In just over a year, Viggle raised enough industry interest to warrant a…