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  1. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – MLB’s 10 Best Beards and Brostaches

    Ryann Rasmussen

    It’s not just peanuts and Cracker Jacks – or even grand slams – that brings folks to the ball field these days. In addition to stealing home and pitching no-hitters,…

  2. 10 Reasons Watching Sports on TV is Better Than Being at the Game

    John Dilley

    There is a common misconception that, to be a true fan of any particular sports team, you have to go to great lengths to prove it. Funny enough, these methods…

  3. Michael Schumacher and the Future of F1

    Jess Hutton

    Things have gotten a bit bumpy for Formula One fans these past couple of months. Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident and ensuing head injury has forced many lovers of the sport…

  4. 5 Small Schools Ready to Make Big Noise in the Big Dance – March Madness

    John Dilley

    Daniel Mullings

    #NMSU @DaRealDMullz shovels off the ball at the baseline. #UTEP — Robin Zielinski (@Ikillthelight) February 24, 2013 Unbelievable runs and Cinderella stories make watching the NCAA men’s basketball tournament…

  5. NFL Players Don’t Only Star on the Field

    John Dilley

    Tom Brady Featured Image

    Brands have used NFL players to star in their ads alongside their products for decades. In honor of the approach of Super Bowl Sunday, here are 10 great ads featuring…

  6. Sports Are Rarely Unpredictable and That’s Exactly Why We Watch Them

    John Dilley

    A recent Slate article by Joel Warner outlines a study that found high consistency in scoring patterns among basketball, football, and hockey. I’m not that surprised by the findings. Football,…

  7. Calcio Storico: Why The Worlds Most Violent Sport Will Never Come To America

    John Dilley

    Calcio Storico

    There’s an old joke: ‘Last night I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.’ The joke succinctly makes two separate points about accepted levels of violence in…

  8. Tech Startups That Are Revolutionizing Fans’ Sports Experiences

    John Dilley

    The Internet changed everything in the world of sports, including the programming itself, team and player news, and commentary and analysis. Sports teams, organizations, and sports media all quickly adopted…

  9. The Beginner’s Guide to Fantasy Football: Don’t Get Left Behind

    Aaron Eldredge

    Are you sick of constantly hearing your friends and colleagues talk about their fantasy football teams, making you to feel left out? Wondering what all the fuss is about? Give…

  10. Top 10 Most Valuable Franchises in the NFL

    Aaron Eldredge

    The Dallas Cowboys top the Forbes NFL Franchise Valuations list for the seventh consecutive year, once again making them the most valuable team in the league. The Cowboys are worth…