Articles tagged "Sex and the City"

  1. Favorite TV Actors — Where Are They Now?

    Rebecca Edwards


    We all remember when the gang on “Friends” ruled television and how the dastardly deeds of those Desperate Housewives kept us all guessing. Once upon a time, every member of…

  2. Will There Be A ‘Sex And The City 3?’ Find Out What The Cast Is Saying

    Lindsay Cronin

    Sex and the City dominated ratings for six years during its run on HBO, so it only made sense that the TV series would go on to become a movie,…

  3. 5 Terrible Series Finales We Hope Breaking Bad Learned From

    Jae Curtis

    Executing a proper series finale is an art. While “happily ever after” might not be required, viewers want to know what happens to their favorite characters.The Secret Life of the…

  4. HBO’s Girls: Truth or Daring?

    Kim Leonard

    Who would have guessed that Lena Dunham would be the latest little darling of the digerati? She’s young, she’s (by Hollywood standards) rather schlubby, and until a couple of years…