Articles tagged "seth macfarlane"

  1. Brian to Return From the Dead for Christmas “Family Guy” Episode

    Rachael Moshman

    What is Seth MacFarlane up to lately? He sure seems to be toying with our emotions with this “Family Guy” Brian drama. Normally, it would be sad if the family…

  2. Why ‘The Cleveland Show’ Was Inherently Destined To Fail

    Ben Mueller

    To the joy of his fans, Cleveland Brown will return to Family Guy and the town of Quahog this spring. After four uneven seasons, FOX finally decided to put The…

  3. Is Fox’s Deadbeat “Dads” Already Dead?

    Ben Mueller

    It’s never a good sign when critics are trashing your show… before it even hits the air. FOX’s live action Seth MacFarlane/Seth Green collab Dads is set to debut on…