Articles tagged "scandal"

  1. 5 Shows Returning This Fall You Need to Watch Now

    Rebecca Edwards


    Remember when you had to tune in when your favorite show was broadcast or you were out of luck? Thanks to on-demand, DVRs, and streaming TV services you no longer…

  2. Lisa Kudrow is Headed to ‘Scandal’ and the Show is Headed to BET

    Tom Rose

    “Friends” alumna Lisa Kudrow will officially be a part of Scandal in Season 3. The Web Therapy producer will recur as a politician but at this time that is all…

  3. Televised Media: How Some Celebrities Weather Scandal and Others Get Blown Away

    Kim Leonard

    We have all said or done things we wish we hadn’t. Fortunately, most of us don’t have our errors in judgment or embarrassing gaffes replayed through televised media. But why…