Articles tagged "psychology behind tv"

  1. Is A Female Doctor Who Not Good Enough

    Leah Burrows

    All of the Doctor Who actors

    Let the debate begin. Matt Smith announced his retirement from the titular role of Doctor Who less than a week ago, and already the Internet is swirling with speculation about…

  2. Social TV: It’s Not What’s On, It’s Whats Happening

    Kim Leonard

    Think about “social TV” and what comes to mind is probably something along the lines of people tweeting, texting, or otherwise interacting with each other through social networking while watching…

  3. Social TV Is Affecting Your Thoughts And Opinions In A Surprising Way

    Emiah Gardner

    The Psychology Behind Social TV Not long ago, I was sitting with a friend watching  Suits, when a small symbol popped up on the screen. Before I knew it, my…