Articles tagged "psychology behind TV viewership"

  1. Reality TV Is The Simple Reality of Modern Programming

    Kim Leonard

    Reality TV has long ceased to be a way of producing low-budget content to fill out the programming schedule. These days, it’s not only a programming staple but, in the…

  2. The Psychology Behind Violence on TV

    Anne Marie Yerks

    Guns, gangs, horror, and violence are not only prevalent on television but are the backbone of some of TV’s most popular shows. Today, we don’t just accept violence on TV,…

  3. Does Binge Viewing Have an Effect on Your Brain?

    Emiah Gardner

    The Prevalence of Binge Viewing and its Effects on Your Brain TV binge-watching isn’t a new phenomenon. Shutting out the world for a long weekend of small screen companionship has…

  4. What Kind of Person Watches Reality TV?

    Emiah Gardner

    Your mom may have once told you that watching TV would rot your brain, but she probably never imagined the likes of Jersey Shore and Keeping Up with the Kardashians….

  5. What would it take to never see another TV in your life?


    Have you ever wondered what you’d have to do in order to avoid seeing a television for the rest of your life? Neither had I, but there’s a first time…

  6. Why TV Comedies Help Make the Medicine Go Down.


    Television can be both entertaining and educational, depending on what you watch. Though, sometimes, watching TV can be only about getting away from your life and into another’s, if only…

  7. TV Viewership is Down, but Why?


    Shows today aren’t getting as much attention as the shows of yesteryear. First reported by New York Magazine, some of the hit shows of the 2011 TV season (including “New…

  8. How 300+ TV Channels Affects Your Brain.


    What happens to our brains when we sit down in front of a TV, unsure of exactly what we want to watch, and we find ourselves suddenly confronted with hundreds…