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  1. 5 Most Impactful Moments in Game of Thrones

    Lisa Fowler

        Game of Thrones is many things to many people: Sexy men for people that like that sort of thing, wicked wenches if your tastes run that direction, violence…

  2. Who Is The Strongest Female Character in Game of Thrones?

    Aaron Eldredge

    Vote for the Strongest Female Throney here For a series very much about war, dragons, and the naked female body, Game of Thrones has a strong following of not just…

  3. Poll: Is online video replacing TV?


    Quipol As online video services like Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video, and iTunes continue to grow, do you think good old-fashioned cable TV is “on the way out the door?”…

  4. Is TV better, or worse, than 10 years ago? Vote now!


    Quipol It used to be that television was all about the family. There was T.G.I.F on Friday nights, ABC Family movies on Sundays, and family-focused shows every other day of…