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  1. Interview with Mara Marini, “Parks and Rec’s” Brandi Maxxxx

    Jessica Fredrickson

    Brandi Maxxx_Feb10

    CableTV sat down with Mara Marini the actress who plays Brandi Maxxxx on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” She’s appearing on two upcoming Parks and Rec episodes and we wanted to…

  2. The Cast and Fans of “Parks and Recreation” Say Goodbye to Beloved Characters

    Patty Castillo

      Leslie Knope and the Pawnee gang sure know how to do a sendoff right, as viewers of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” will attest. The final episode for Chris Traeger…

  3. Best of Ron Swanson: Top Ten Moments of Season Five

    Patty Castillo

    Best of Ron Swanson

    Love and romance were in the air on Parks and Recreation this season. Not only did season five include an absolutely adorable proposal and a surprise last-minute wedding for Leslie…