Articles tagged "Parenthood"

  1. Back to School with TV’s Hottest Teachers

    Rebecca Edwards


    School bells are ringing and that means backpacks are overloaded with heavy books and piles of homework. But school’s not all bad. Thanks to the hot teachers in some of…

  2. Ray Romano Returns to Season 5 of Parenthood and Befriends Max

    Kimberly Ripley

    Will there be a Ray Romano Parenthood return on NBC this fall? It’s already been confirmed that the show will be back for season five, but there’s no official word…

  3. TVs Favorite Families: Why We Love Them

    Patty Castillo


    What is it about TVs favorite families that keep us watching? You might love them or hate them—or love to hate them. Perhaps you relate to the sibling rivalries and…