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  1. Transgender Television Hits and Misses

    Rebecca Edwards

    I Am Cait - Season 1

    Photo by: James White/E! Entertainment It’s an understatement to say that transgender television characters are having a moment. They’re having a whole year. From Amazon’s groundbreaking “Transparent” to Laverne Cox…

  2. 7 Ways “Orange is the New Black” Teaches Us How to Be a Better Friend

    Rebecca Edwards

    CTV_july 30

    By now it’s obvious that no one survives in Litchfield without a little help from their friends. The criminal compatriots of “Orange Is the New Black” have some of the…

  3. 5 Things I Hated About “Orange is the New Black” Season 3

    Valerie David


    Supervillain Vee (Lorraine Toussaint) drove most of the drama during season two of “Orange Is the New Black” but she didn’t appear in the latest season. Instead, this new batch…

  4. Our 10 Favorite Introverted TV Characters

    Rebecca Edwards

    Parks and Recreation - Season 7

    When you think of an introvert, do you picture a stereotypical wet blanket with a nose in a book and a disdainful eye on the havoc wreaked upon them by…

  5. What to Expect from Season Three of “OITNB”

    Rebecca Edwards


    Along with the first official day summer, June brings us the next season of our favorite binge-worthy dramedy, “Orange is the New Black.” And after the rollicking rollercoaster ride of…

  6. Laverne Cox Lands an Emmy Nomination and Chats With Us About “Orange is the New Black”


    Laverne Cox is more than just an overnight success on Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black”; she is a reality star, producer, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) advocate. GLAAD…

  7. “Orange is the New Black” Goes Full Monty

    Margie Wilson Mars

    Obviously not one to mince words, the creator of the Netflix hit show “Orange is the New Black” told guests at the Hollywood Radio and Television Society lunch about the…

  8. Taryn Manning: OITNB — “I will be coming back for season two”


    Actress Taryn Manning, known for her roles in Crazy/Beautiful, Crossroads and 8 Mile, shares exclusive information about her career and what is was like being apart of Netflix’s successful, Orange…

  9. Michelle Hurst: Miss Claudette Talks About Being Part of Orange is the New Black


    As Miss Claudette, Piper Chapman’s (Taylor Schilling) feared prison roommate on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, Michelle Hurst is a force to be reckoned with. In this exclusive interview,…

  10. Michael Harney Exclusive Interview: “It’s About Time Women are at the Helm”


    Michael Harney Orange is The New Black

    Michael Harney has been working steadily for years playing everything from a detective, an officer, a U.S. Marshall, and even a SWAT Commander. If that wasn’t enough, Harney has reinvented…