Articles tagged "new shows"

  1. Derrick Storm of “Castle” Gets His Own Series

    Treva Bowdoin

    Richard Castle would think it’s so cool that his Derrick Storm novels are being developed into an ABC TV series. This is such a meta move, and Castle absolutely loves…

  2. Best New Shows to Replace Old Favorites

    Patty Castillo

    The Office has finally closed its doors after nine long, hilariously awkward years, and Liz Lemon and the gang at 30 Rock have ended their run after seven seasons. The…

  3. The New Amy Schumer TV Show Looks Like It Could Be A Hit

    Kim Leonard

    Inside Amy Schumer

    The new Amy Schumer TV show, Inside Amy Schumer, is the most recent breakout hit from Comedy Central. Part sketch comedy show, part standup, and part chat show, it has…