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  1. Michael Harney Exclusive Interview: “It’s About Time Women are at the Helm”


    Michael Harney Orange is The New Black

    Michael Harney has been working steadily for years playing everything from a detective, an officer, a U.S. Marshall, and even a SWAT Commander. If that wasn’t enough, Harney has reinvented…

  2. Netflix’ “Max” Will Change Your Life – Or Maybe Just Cure Decision Paralysis

    Patty Castillo

    How many times have you sat down in front of your television with no idea of what you want to put on? I’ve spent countless hours browsing through the many…

  3. 12 One-liners from Season one of “OITNB” That Make Prison Seem Kinda Fun

    Ben Mueller

    Debuting online two weeks ago, Netflix’s fifth original series Orange is the New Black had amazing first week ratings, besting the site’s previous originals House of Cards and Arrested Development….

  4. Netflix Says: Keep Your Suggestions to Yourself!

    Jess Hutton

    Netflix announced it is adding profiles so you can do just that. Each subscription will get five unique profiles, and each profile will be given recommendations based on their particular…

  5. Netflix’s Disney Deal Just the Beginning


      Netflix has announced a deal with The Walt Disney Company that will give the online streaming provider a period of exclusive rights to Disney movies in the United States….

  6. Have Netflix Shows Really Helped to Maintain Revenues?


    Last week, Netflix released their first-quarter 2013 earnings report, and it showed a gain of over 2 million domestic subscribers, bringing their active subscriber base to 36 million (which is…

  7. Netflix and HBO: The War of the Streaming Titans

    Nick Pedersen

    A battle is currently being waged between the ever-popular cable TV network HBO and recent rival to their game, Netflix. Netflix and HBO have been dueling it out on the…

  8. How Streaming Media and Original Programming Is Helping Netflix Win Back Loyalty

    Patty Castillo

    In the summer of 2011, Netflix caused an outrage among its subscribers by separating its DVD and streaming media subscription plans. You might have been among those who vowed to…

  9. Saying Goodbye to Popular Characters

    Leah Burrows

    [DOWNTON ABBEY SPOILER ALERT] We’ve all been there — sitting on the couch in stunned silence, surrounded by tissues, reeling from the death of popular characters on TV. We’ve all…

  10. What We Learned From The Netflix Binge Viewing Experiment: House of Cards

    Emiah Gardner

    If there was ever a question about the motivation and reasoning behind the Netflix decision to release all 13 first-season episodes of its new original show, House of Cards, the…