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Articles tagged "NCIS"

  1. “NCIS: New Orleans” Will Get the City Completely Wrong

    Carolyn" class="author">Carolyn

    As a Crescent City native, interpretations of New Orleans – especially on TV – always make me uneasy. Combine that with a crime drama, and you’ve left me in primetime…

  2. The #1 Show That Nobody Talks About: ‘NCIS’

    Ryann Rasmussen

    The CBS military procedural “NCIS” doesn’t have has many Emmys as “Mad Men” or “Breaking Bad.” But in its 11th season, it continues to beat the competition in one key…

  3. “NCIS: Los Angeles” Season 5: Why the First Half Was So Good and a Look Ahead

    Meredith Jacobs

    NCIS: Los Angeles may be off to its best start yet with the first half of season five, and that’s because of how the show has handled the aftermath of…

  4. Will They/Won’t They TV Couples: Which Ones Have Been Successful in Taking That Next Step?

    Meredith Jacobs

    There are many “will they/won’t they” TV show couples taking that next step, and in some cases, it has been very successful. Some shows have never been better since eliminating…

  5. Why Bringing in Emily Wickersham as Bishop Now on ‘NCIS’ Is the Right Move

    Meredith Jacobs

    The beginning of this season of NCIS hasn’t been an easy one, especially for longtime fans as they had to say goodbye to Cote de Pablo’s Ziva and prepare to…

  6. How Cote de Pablo’s NCIS Departure Will Affect Gibbs and His Team

    Kimberly Ripley

    The Cote de Pablo NCIS departure is certain to make a huge difference on the hit CBS show, at least during the first few episodes after she leaves. In addition…