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  1. Will “Heroes Reborn” Redeem the Heroes Franchise

    Rebecca Edwards


    When “Heroes” debuted in 2006, it was amazing and instantly garnered a throng of devoted fans, even launching successful careers for actors Zachary Quinto and Hayden Panettiere. But when season…

  2. Why “SNL” Is Still Here After 40 Years

    Elle Lamboy" class="author">Elle Lamboy

    Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special - Season 2015

    “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) is the longest running show of its kind and it just celebrated 40 years on the air. As many of us tend to do with successful…

  3. Bobby Moynihan’s 5 Best “Weekend Update” Characters

    Elle Lamboy" class="author">Elle Lamboy


    While most “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) viewers were raving about host Blake Shelton’s recent performance, I was roaring over cast member Bobby Moynihan’s newest “Weekend Update” character, Riblet. And, like…

  4. Interview with Mara Marini, “Parks and Rec’s” Brandi Maxxxx

    Jessica Fredrickson

    Brandi Maxxx_Feb10

    CableTV sat down with Mara Marini the actress who plays Brandi Maxxxx on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” She’s appearing on two upcoming Parks and Rec episodes and we wanted to…

  5. Only NBC Believes in Love – “Marry Me” Is Saved

    Treva Bowdoin


    “Marry Me” is the last new rom-com standing, after “Selfie,” “A to Z,” and “Manhattan Love Story,” all got cut, but NBC doesn’t think romance is dead. The network ordered…

  6. Why Does Anyone Watch “The Voice”?

    Rebecca Edwards

    When “American Idol” first hit the airwaves, it changed the face of primetime TV as well as the Billboard Top 100. We couldn’t get enough of Simon Cowell’s wit and…

  7. How Does “Law & Order: SVU”s New Mom Stack Up?

    Rebecca Edwards

    One of television’s most popular leading ladies just became a mom and we have a feeling that the Special Victims Unit will never be the same. After a grueling year…

  8. We Love the Monster Love on “Grimm”

    Treva Bowdoin

    The cutest couple on TV is a woman with a furry face and a guy whose grotesque looks would send anyone running away screaming. Yes, you heard me right. I’m…

  9. “The Blacklist” Is Back & We’re All Dying

    Rebecca Edwards

    The enigmatic chess game between good and evil that is “The Blacklist” returns tonight – and the sophomore season of this action-packed romp is aiming to please, with plenty of…

  10. Chyler Leigh and Gary Scott Thompson Share New “Taxi Brooklyn” Character Insights


    “Taxi Brooklyn” is an action packed comedy that combines humor with police themes. The series stars Chyler Leigh and Jacky Ido and was developed by Gary Scott Thompson. “Taxi Brooklyn”…