Articles tagged "MTV"

  1. MTV Doesn’t Only Show Pregnant Teens and Washed Up Actors

    Rebecca Edwards


    When I was a kid, music videos were one of the best things that ever happened to TV. I remember my “I want my MTV” T-shirt, which I wore until…

  2. Deena Cortese on “Jersey Shore” Regrets & Life After “Couples Therapy”

    Lindsay Cronin


    A photo posted by Deena (@deenanicolemtv) on Oct 10, 2014 at 8:47pm PDT Nearly two years after the final episode of the reality series “Jersey Shore,” Deena Cortese is back on…

  3. ‘Real World’ Exes Will Join The Cast Mates In Their House During The 29th Season

    Lindsay Cronin

    MTV is about to throw a wrench into the Real World fans have come to know. Since 1992, fans have watched as groups of strangers “picked to live in a…

  4. Twitter Felt Generally Good About “Miley: The Movement” Last Night

    Emiah Gardner

    Miley Cyrus has been the buzz of the internet, with her candid Rolling Stone interview, explicit Wrecking Ball video and now, Miley: The Movement, the hour long documentary that debuted…

  5. Miley Cyrus Is Getting Her Own Documentary and You Might Just Love It

    Teresa Reilly

    She was once a poppy teen idol singing duets with her dad and starring in Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana. Now she’s an offbeat artist singing along to a rap song…

  6. Catfish Season 2 Drama More Real and Relatable Than Ever

    Teresa Reilly

    Aaron is a lonely, overweight young man who lacks confidence and struggles to make friends. He takes to the Internet and creates a profile on Facebook because he just wants…

  7. MTV Set to Revamp Scream Movies Into Weekly TV Show


    MTV Scream

    After many rumors, MTV has finally confirmed it will turn Wes Craven’s Scream movie franchise into a television series. The announcement came at the network’s annual Upfront Presentation where it…

  8. How Reality TV Has Blurred the Truth


    Reality TV first came onto the scene when MTV stuck seven strangers into a New York City loft together in 1992 in hopes they would stop being polite and start…