Articles tagged "Masterchef"

  1. “MasterChef” is the Cooking Show You Should be Watching

    Ryann Rasmussen

    Whether it’s the thrill of a Mystery Box Challenge or Joe’s snide comments on a dish that misses the mark, “MasterChef” found a way to attract viewers by the millions,…

  2. MasterChef: Twists and Turns Continue as Season 5 Keeps Contestants on Their Toes


    Judge Graham Elliot and executive producer Robin Ashbrook both feel that this season of “Masterchef” will be the best yet, saying they still have tricks up their sleeves, even after…

  3. ‘Masterchef’ Finale Contestants Natasha Crjnac and Luca Manfe Look Back on The Season


    Natasha Crnjac and Luca Manfe, the Masterchef finale contestants, discuss what it was like competing on a cooking show, learning from Gordon Ramsay, and how it feels to make it…