Articles tagged "Kim Kardashian"

  1. Don’t Worry, “Selfie” Isn’t About Kim Kardashian

    Treva Bowdoin

    The title of the new ABC series “Selfie” might make you think that it’s about a Kim Kardashian clone, but there are a few key traits that separate Eliza Dooley…

  2. Dear Kim Kardashian, Please Stop Trying to Act

    Lindsay Cronin


    Kim Kardashian may not be an actress, but that is not stopping producers from pursuing her for appearances on their shows. Since Kardashian burst onto the scene years ago, she’s…

  3. Are Kim and Kanye Destroying the Kardashian Empire?

    Lindsay Cronin

    The Kardashian empire is seemingly on a downward slump and many feel Kim and Kanye are responsible. Since beginning their relationship in April of last year, following Kim’s split from…

  4. The Kardashians Christmas Card Uncovered — What Did You Miss In The Photo?

    Lindsay Cronin

    The Kardashians Christmas card has just been released to the public. Every year, the famous family participates in a photo shoot for the holiday season and every year, they go…