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  1. 5 Kickstarter Webseries Projects Featuring a Strong Female Lead

    Emiah Gardner

    With the success of Comedy Central’s “Broad City” going from a web series to full sitcom, we can see grassroots efforts help make room in the mainstream market for quality…

  2. “Sunday Brunch The Series” Creators Talked With Us and You Are Going To Love Them

    Emiah Gardner


    Three ladies sit down for brunch and order bottomless mimosas. For some, like myself, this is just Sunday morning (and Saturday too, on those lucky weekends). For Nicola Graham, Sara…

  3. 5 Kickstarter Web Series That We Definitely Want to See Happen

    Emiah Gardner

    Sunday Brunch

    Thanks to crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, Internet series are getting a lot more love from viewers and fans, making it easier for creators to get backing and develop their TV…