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  1. 3 Fall Sitcoms Fans of “How I Met your Mother” Will Love

    Treva Bowdoin

    When news started trickling in about the fall sitcoms that we have to look forward to, some “How I Met Your Mother” fans were probably shocked that CBS passed on…

  2. Judging Series Finales: How Did “Psych,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Being Human” and OUATIW Do?

    Meredith Jacobs

    Several shows have aired series finales recently, and while some have lived up to expectations, that’s not true for all of them. Read on for my judgments of the last…

  3. “How I Met Your Mother”: Is The Mother Dead?

    Meredith Jacobs

    How I Met Your Mother

    #HIMYMFarewell — Emre Badur (@tekgozlucanavar) March 12, 2014 A popular theory for “How I Met Your Mother” is that the mother has died or is dying, and the more…