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  1. Top TV Dramas for History Buffs – Here It Is, Your History Buff-et

    Ryann Rasmussen

    Vikings - History Drama

    Producers of historical dramas often have a difficult time striking a balance between accuracy and compelling storylines. If they stick too much to details, it becomes hard for us to…

  2. TV Viewership is Down, but Why?


    Shows today aren’t getting as much attention as the shows of yesteryear. First reported by New York Magazine, some of the hit shows of the 2011 TV season (including “New…

  3. TV Deathmatch: Cable or Internet?

    Jess Hutton

    More than a year ago Matthew Lasar wrote a great article looking into which technology – at the time – was likely to fail faster: cable TV or internet video….

  4. An Interview with Will Brooker (And Book Giveaway!)


    “The geeks aren’t just inheriting the earth, they’re creating the future,” Will writes. After discussing the impact entertainment is having on the world around us, the educator and undeniably talented…

  5. Does TV Matter Anymore?


    Before you read ahead, ask yourself silently if you think TV really matters anymore. Through the 1940s and up until the early 90s television played an incredibly important role in…

  6. The 5 Most Emotionally Iconic Moments in TV History


    Maybe you’ve haven’t really given it much thought, but television has had a great impact on our lives. It’s the reason why TV Guide came up with a list of…

  7. How Soap Operas Shaped Modern TV


    The news during April 2011 that All My Children and One Life to Live had been cancelled came as sobering news to millions of television viewers. Soap operas are the…