Articles tagged "Heroes"

  1. The Dangers of TV’s Love Affair with Nostalgia

    Rebecca Edwards


    Photo Credit:Ed Araquel/FOX It’s been said that there’s nothing new under the sun, and that certainly appears to be the case for television. We are living in a world of…

  2. A Guide to Get You Ready for “Heroes Reborn”

    Rebecca Edwards

    Heroes Reborn - Season 1

    With promos for “Heroes Reborn” hitting the airwaves, we thought it was time to revisit our favorite band of misfits in preparation for the series’ triumphant return. To make sure…

  3. NBC Announces “Heroes Reborn” for 2015 Lineup

    Margie Wilson Mars

    NBC is hoping to recapture the super popularity of their 2006 program, “Heroes,” with a new take on the story, “Heroes Reborn.” Since their announcement during the Sochi Olympics, excitement…