Articles tagged "HBO"

  1. Trailers, Snapchats and Premiere Party Glamour – Girls Season 3 is Coming

    Emiah Gardner

    As we all wait with bated breath for the season 3 premiere of Girls to get here already, the PR team behind the hit HBO show is satiating our Lena Dunham cravings…

  2. Michael Beasley on ‘Eastbound and Down’ – “They head to Vegas, and everything goes crazy”


    Former basketball player, Michael Beasley, is now a well-known actor, appearing in shows like Eastbound and Down, as well as movies like Flight, American Reunion, and the upcoming film Vegas….

  3. Netflix and HBO: The War of the Streaming Titans

    Nick Pedersen

    A battle is currently being waged between the ever-popular cable TV network HBO and recent rival to their game, Netflix. Netflix and HBO have been dueling it out on the…

  4. Cable TV Shows You’ll Love: Top 9 Shows on TV Right Now

    Anne Marie Yerks

    Some watch TV to escape the drudgery of their quotidian existence. Others watch because TV provides something comfortable and familiar in a hectic world. Right now, good cable TV shows…

  5. HBO Girls Gif Guide to Dating in Your 20s

    Lisa Fowler

    Being in your 20s isn’t easy. Infinite parties and late nights are accompanied by endless insecurities, self-doubt and bad decisions you can only hope to look back on fondly when…

  6. HBO’s Girls: Truth or Daring?

    Kim Leonard

    Who would have guessed that Lena Dunham would be the latest little darling of the digerati? She’s young, she’s (by Hollywood standards) rather schlubby, and until a couple of years…

  7. Premium TV Show Smackdown: HBO vs. Showtime

    Emiah Gardner

    HBO and Showtime reign as the top premium channels. Both networks have produced some of the most talked about original TV shows over the past 10 years and have shown…

  8. Star App of the Week: HBO GO®

    Emiah Gardner

    If you have HBO and a mobile device, you should have HBO GO–the app that serves up everything HBO is cooking. But is this a full course meal or just…

  9. The Girls Are Back In Town!

    Sarah Pike

    Our Favorite HBO Girls are Back With Better Acting Chops and Deeper Stories Remember last season, when Girls was all about, “I don’t even want a boyfriend,” and “my parents…