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Articles tagged "Gotham"

  1. FOX’s “Gotham” and Why It Deserves a Second Season

    Valerie David


    Critics and comic book fans were harsh on FOX’s “Gotham” from the start. After all, who wants a Batman show without Batman? The weak start didn’t help, giving viewers a…

  2. “Gotham” Will Be Introducing These Villains Very Soon

    Treva Bowdoin

    Gotham Villains

    “Gotham” introduced us to the Penguin and the characters who will become Catwoman and the Riddler. And the FOX series has followed a villain-of-the-week format, giving us criminals who kill…

  3. How All of the Villians of “Gotham” Stack Up

    Treva Bowdoin

    The “Gotham” rogues gallery continues to grow in size with each episode of the show, and a distinctive pattern is starting to emerge. There’s a quickly-apprehended villain of the week,…

  4. What To Watch: “Gotham” vs. “Big Bang Theory”

    Treva Bowdoin

    “Gotham” already looks like a fall TV goliath, but the new FOX series is going up against a ratings juggernaut in CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory.” Both series are set…

  5. “Gotham” An Empty Crime Drama Behind Batman’s Mask?

    Jess Hutton

    The crowning jewel of FOX’s season lineup, “Gotham,” premiers September 22 and takes viewers behind the mask of the Batman franchise and its characters. The show offers a perspective never…

  6. 5 Comic Book Adaptations to Look Forward To This Fall

    Treva Bowdoin

    Will comic book adaptations become network TV superheroes when they start swooping in this fall? After the success of “The Walking Dead” and “Arrow,” it should come as no surprise…

  7. FOX Announces More Than Six New Shows For 2014-15 Season


    FOX held a conference call presentation to go over its new fall schedule. The schedule includes the addition of new shows, like “Backstrom” from “Bones” creator Hart Hanson, “Gotham,” “Empire,”…