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Articles tagged "google"

  1. Breaking Down Chromecast and How It All Works

    Jess Hutton

    Google’s Chromecast takes a different approach to the video streaming craze that has hit in the past decade. More people are utilizing streaming services, so companies are looking to capitalize…

  2. The TARDIS Spotted on Google Maps

    Emiah Gardner

    Something interesting has been spotted on Google Maps – the TARDIS. If you visit Earl’s Court Road on Google Street View then click on the double arrows, you will catch…

  3. Cable TV Shows You’ll Love: Top 9 Shows on TV Right Now

    Anne Marie Yerks

    Some watch TV to escape the drudgery of their quotidian existence. Others watch because TV provides something comfortable and familiar in a hectic world. Right now, good cable TV shows…

  4. Against the odds, TV and the internet can actually be good for your social life.


    In the center of a dimly-lit, small-theater sized room, a group of strangers surrounded me as we all watched the season premiere of a new, fairly popular cable TV show. Impressed…

  5. What does the future hold for Cable TV?


    Google chairman Eric Schmidt recently traveled to the UK to talk with TV broadcasters there about the future of TV. There is, undeniably, a shift happening in TV. Some believe…

  6. How Google Wants to Enhance Your Television


    Technology is many things to many people—and perhaps all things to some people—but the one thing it isn’t, is going away. The good guys at Google TV are doing their…