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  1. 5 Wackiest “Frozen” Moments on “Once Upon a Time” So Far

    Treva Bowdoin

    Disney’s “Frozen” seemed like the perfect fit for “Once Upon a Time”—it’s about the dangers of magic powers, love, and a power struggle, all of which can be found on…

  2. 10 Things We Know About Season 4 of “Once Upon a Time”

    Treva Bowdoin

    “Once Upon a Time” took a big chance last season by tackling a Disney movie still fresh in everyone’s minds. However, it looks like bringing “Frozen” to life is going…

  3. “Once Upon a Time” Hopes To Capitalize on “Frozen” Fever – Adds Anna and Elsa

    Treva Bowdoin

    “Once Upon a Time” is hoping to capitalize on “Frozen” fever by introducing princess sisters Anna and Elsa. Mountain man Kristoff is also going to appear on the show, but…

  4. 5 Reasons ‘Galavant’ Is Must-See TV

    Treva Bowdoin


    Galavant's Steed! — Joshua Sasse (@joshuasasse) February 22, 2014 “Galavant” looks like the antidote to watching too many brutal episodes of “Game of Thrones.” The fairy tale musical might…