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  1. Favorite TV Actors — Where Are They Now?

    Rebecca Edwards


    We all remember when the gang on “Friends” ruled television and how the dastardly deeds of those Desperate Housewives kept us all guessing. Once upon a time, every member of…

  2. 4 Inspiring Single TV Moms

    Rebecca Edwards

    CTV_Sept 17

    FX recently greenlit a new series, “Better Things.” The show follows the life of single mom Pamela Adlon (of “Louie” fame) as she struggles to get her acting career off…

  3. “Bones” and “Sleepy Hollow” Joins the List of TV’s Bizarre Crossover Ideas

    Valerie David


    Sometimes TV shows crossover naturally, like two modern cop shows that take place in the same city. Comic book franchises have been doing crossovers for decades, bringing together fan favorite…

  4. The 5 Most Quotable TV Shows

    Valerie David

    Suits - Season 5

    “Entourage” “Well tell the school that when they schedule a parent teacher conference for 2:30 on a weekday, that’s just their way of saying we don’t care about Daddy.” —…

  5. The Coolest TV Show Offices We Wish Were Ours

    Valerie David


    Work life is so much easier with a really cool office. As we stare at cubicle walls, illuminated by flickering fluorescent lighting, we dream of a better place. We think…

  6. Courteney Cox Reunites With Her ‘Friends’ Husband Matthew Perry On ‘Cougar Town’

    Lindsay Cronin

    Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry were known as Monica Gellar and Chandler Bing from 1994-2004, and by some, will be known as The Bings forever. However, since wrapping Friends 10…

  7. Is Success in The Future for “Vampire Diaries” Spin Off “The Originals”?

    Kimberly Ripley

    History doesn’t look favorably on spin-offs. In fact, they often leave us wondering why the producers even bothered. There are some, however, that actually made the grade, so networks tend…

  8. Do We Really Need a “Friends” Reunion Show?

    Kim Leonard

    “No, we don’t,” says co-creator Marta Kauffman and there won’t be one, either. Reports are unclear as to how the story actually started circulating, but earlier this month, the Web…