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  1. 5 New Crime-Fighting Shows from FOX

    Valerie David


    The crime-fighting genre is a big business for TV, and each season we see many of the same lawyer and cop show ideas rehashed and repackaged. This fall, however, FOX…

  2. 5 TV Characters We Like Better as Villains

    Valerie David


    We never really connect with some characters on our favorite shows. They could be irritating or boring, or the actor does a poor job of selling the character. Fans eventually…

  3. 5 Ways To Be More Like “Empire’s” Cookie

    Rebecca Edwards


    No television heroine in recent memory has garnered as much attention as the over-the-top matriarch of the Lyon clan on “Empire.” Even months after the season finale, we still can’t…

  4. FOX’s “Wayward Pines” This Summer’s Guilty Pleasure

    Rebecca Edwards


    Matt Dillon, M. Night Shyamalan, and a quirky-creepy “Twin Peaks” vibe, oh my! FOX just may have found a way to keep you inside this summer – at least for…

  5. “Last Man on Earth” – More Omega Bland Than Omega Man

    Jonathan Deesing


    I was cautiously excited for FOX’s new series “The Last Man on Earth,” starring Will Forte as Phil Miller. I’m a sucker for anything post-apocalypse and I’ve enjoyed just about…

  6. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is Damn Funny

    Jonathan Deesing


    From the outset, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” had a lot working against it. Entering the oversaturated and overdone cop genre as a comedy raised more than a few eyebrows. Some questioned whether…

  7. Necessities for a Perfect “The X-Files” Return

    Rebecca Edwards


    There has never been a show I was more devoted to than “The X-Files.” If I went on vacation, my road trip plans, flights, and accommodations were organized around not…

  8. FOX’s “Backstrom” Actually Doesn’t Suck

    Rebecca Edwards

    Backstrom on FOX

    When I first saw the previews for FOX’s degenerate detective series, “Backstrom,” I had very low expectations. Although the show stars Rainn Wilson and was created by the same mind…

  9. “Sleepy Hollow” Shows Us a Series Worth Saving “

    Valerie David

    Sleepy Hollow Why The Series is worth saving

    “Sleepy Hollow” faltered with fans in season two, as I think the writers forgot what made the show popular in the first place. Characters veered in and out of the…

  10. FOX’s “Gotham” and Why It Deserves a Second Season

    Valerie David


    Critics and comic book fans were harsh on FOX’s “Gotham” from the start. After all, who wants a Batman show without Batman? The weak start didn’t help, giving viewers a…