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  1. 5 New Crime-Fighting Shows from FOX

    Valerie David


    The crime-fighting genre is a big business for TV, and each season we see many of the same lawyer and cop show ideas rehashed and repackaged. This fall, however, FOX…

  2. The Best Cable Brands to Watch While On The Go

    Ben Kerns


    As we become increasingly mobile, it’s important for cable providers to find ways to allow us to take our favorite TV shows on the road. Before the travel bug bites,…

  3. Casting Changes Shake Up Your Favorite Shows

    Valerie David

    CTV_june 26

    A photo posted by The Good Wife (@thegoodwife_cbs) on May 10, 2015 at 11:53am PDT As we impatiently await the return of our favorite TV shows in the fall, news…

  4. Going to Summer Camp with our Favorite TV Characters

    Rebecca Edwards

    CTV_June 25

    Thanks to Netflix, we all get to go back to camp this summer, courtesy of the streaming services eight-episode revival of “Wet Hot American Summer.” On July 17, we’ll go…

  5. What is The Difference Between XFINITY® and Comcast?

    Jessica Fredrickson

    CTV_ June 24

    In 2010, a new name emerged in the Internet/voice services/cable provider marketplace: a Comcast offering called XFINITY. Today, after five years on the scene and even with XFINITY services offered…

  6. 3 Reasons Why You Need To Do Whatever It Takes to Watch “Shameless”

    Rebecca Edwards

    CTV_June 23

    Some shows you look forward to watching because they’re fun or entertaining or at least more interesting than staring at the wall. But others reach out and grab you and…

  7. The 5 Most Quotable TV Shows

    Valerie David

    Suits - Season 5

    “Entourage” “Well tell the school that when they schedule a parent teacher conference for 2:30 on a weekday, that’s just their way of saying we don’t care about Daddy.” —…

  8. TV’s Best and Worst Dads

    Rebecca Edwards


    Now that it’s June, it’s time for backyard barbeques, lazy days at the pool, and the one day a year reserved exclusively for honoring dear, old dad. Whether your dad…

  9. 4 Reasons Lifetime’s “A Deadly Adoption” Could Be Awesome

    Rebecca Edwards

    CTV_june 18

    It started out as one of the most amazing announcements ever to come out of Hollywood. On April 1, we learned that comedy masters Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig were…

  10. A Break-up Letter to My Cable Company

    John Kinnear


    Dear Cable I’m leaving you. It’s not you, it’s me. It’s you. I think we’ve both known this was coming. We gave it a good try. Well, I did at…