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  1. List of Must-See TV for May

    Valerie David


    May is a blockbuster month for must-see TV. With star-packed series premieres, epic finales, and special events, this spring will give us a lot we can’t miss out on. The…

  2. History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” and “American Pickers” are Actually Historical

    Rebecca Edwards


    The History Channel has long had its detractors, especially when it comes to historical accuracy and taking liberties. But it at least used to make an effort to live up…

  3. “The Good Wife” Writing Mistakes Means Trouble for Series

    Valerie David


    Fans of “The Good Wife” expect a lot from this show. We’ve been spoiled by a wealth of complex characters, intriguing stories, and shocking twists. This is a difficult trend…

  4. 5 Fascinating Facts about New Web Series Star George Takei

    Valerie David


    “Star Trek” is such a part of popular culture that its stars are recognizable even to those who aren’t sci-fi geeks. Most people know George Takei for his role as…

  5. Why I want to be the “Rehab Addict”

    Rebecca Edwards


    “Rehab Addict” is my latest HGTV and DIY obsession. And even more than lusting after the houses Nicole Curtis renovates, I want to BE her. She is a huge force…

  6. Where Have Your Favorite Cancelled TV Actors Gone?

    Valerie David


    TV can be a heartbreaking place for fans. We get invested in promising new shows and fall in love with their lead characters. Then they’re suddenly taken away from us,…

  7. Superhero Traffic Jam: Three More Shows Hit the Airwaves

    Valerie David

    “Marvel’s Daredevil”

    Can you have too much of a good thing? When it comes to superheroes, the TV networks don’t think so. Starting today, we’ll have three more comic book-based series joining…

  8. The Definitive Review of the XFINITY® X1 Platform from Comcast

    John Dilley

    Xfinity X1 Side View

    Early reviews of the XFINITY® X1 platform from Comcast were filled with complaints about the system’s functionality. Considering XFINITY has had more than enough time to address the early-stage complaints…

  9. Dean Winters- That Guy in Every Show that You Don’t Know by Name

    Rebecca Edwards


    You know that one guy who seems to be in every show, but you just can’t ever remember his name? He’s usually a favorite, and you’re always excited to see…

  10. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is Damn Funny

    Jonathan Deesing


    From the outset, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” had a lot working against it. Entering the oversaturated and overdone cop genre as a comedy raised more than a few eyebrows. Some questioned whether…