Articles tagged "fall tv"

  1. 4 Fall TV Hairdos We Absolutely Love

    Rebecca Edwards

    There are endless reasons to be grateful that fall TV is finally here. Catching up with our favorite characters, getting a sense of resolution for last season’s cliff hangers, and…

  2. FOX’s “Utopia” Is Brewing Up a Storm

    Carolyn" class="author">Carolyn


    With your pick of primetime reality TV shows airing simultaneously each week, it’s essential you tune in to the one that hooked millions of viewers despite its premiere competing against…

  3. “Ironside” and Other Fall TV Show Flops

    Jae Curtis

    Hey, they can’t all be winners – that’s never more evident as when dealing with new TV shows. It’s notoriously difficult to gain a following and have fans rabid for…

  4. Why You Should Care About NBC’S “Dracula”

    Jae Curtis

    When it comes to vampire lore and pop culture, everything has been done to death – pun intended. So why should you care that NBC is premiering yet another vampire-based…

  5. Fall Show Premieres Prove Comedy is Still a Hot Commodity

    Kim Leonard

    The last couple weeks have been fun and exciting for viewers and stressful for broadcasters, which can only mean one thing: the new fall TV season is officially off and…

  6. Glee Cast Changes and 4 Other Shows with Character Conundrums

    Jae Curtis

    It’s part of the growing pains that all TV series experience – the exit of one character and the story line for someone new. And this fall won’t be any…