Articles tagged "entertainment"

  1. Five Reasons You Should Be Watching “Top Gear,” Ladies

    Jess Hutton


    “Top Gear” is a popular British car show that airs weekly in the U.K. and the U.S. The BBC gave the show a shocking budget, and the three goofy hosts…

  2. 3 Agencies Pushing The Envelope and Turning Advertisements into Entertainment

    Emiah Gardner

    Tech companies and ad agencies are unveiling a slew of innovations that are changing the way we experience entertainment and receive marketing messages. And they’re doing it with unheard of…

  3. Michael Harney Exclusive Interview: “It’s About Time Women are at the Helm”


    Michael Harney Orange is The New Black

    Michael Harney has been working steadily for years playing everything from a detective, an officer, a U.S. Marshall, and even a SWAT Commander. If that wasn’t enough, Harney has reinvented…

  4. Breaking Bad Final Episodes: The Top 4 Bombs That Are About To Blow

    Ben Mueller

    Breaking Bad Final Season

    So, it turns out all the meth whipped up on Breaking Bad isn’t real. In fact, the prop they use is just tasty, tasty rock candy—a perfect treat for your…

  5. What if you mixed the top TV characters together?


    If you took two of the top male characters and top female characters on cable TV today and blended them together, what would you get? We wanted to find out…

  6. Is TV better, or worse, than 10 years ago? Vote now!


    Quipol It used to be that television was all about the family. There was T.G.I.F on Friday nights, ABC Family movies on Sundays, and family-focused shows every other day of…

  7. The best graphic explanation of why movie theater attendance is falling.


    In 2011, movie theater attendance was the lowest it has been in more than 15 years. There are a lot of theories as to why this is, but here’s one…