Articles tagged "discovery channel"

  1. 5 Reasons to Tune in to TV Series “Naked and Afraid”

    Rebecca Edwards


    Get to know our #NakedAndAfraid survivalists Chris & Corinne a little more >> — Naked and Afraid (@NakedAndAfraid) August 4, 2014 Thanks to reality television, we’ve gotten to…

  2. Your Guide to Everything Shark Week – The Worst Week To Be a Seal

    Jess Hutton

    It’s here! We wait all year – with baited breath – for these six days. A week of spine-tingling thrills, razor-sharp videography, and snarky commentary. It’s Shark Week on Discovery!…

  3. Is Being Naked In Naked and Afraid Exploitative or Simply Brilliant?

    Teresa Reilly

    Two survivalists are placed in a remote and dangerous part of the world, naked and afraid. They are allowed to take one survival item and are dropped off either by…