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  1. Our 10 Favorite Introverted TV Characters

    Rebecca Edwards

    Parks and Recreation - Season 7

    When you think of an introvert, do you picture a stereotypical wet blanket with a nose in a book and a disdainful eye on the havoc wreaked upon them by…

  2. Twitter Reacts to The ‘Dexter’ Series Finale and Hopes ‘Breaking Bad’ Will Do Better

    Emiah Gardner

    Last nights series finale of Dexter could in one word be described as disappointing. Although now that I think about it implausible and intense seem fitting as well. After 8…

  3. Darri Ingolfsson Talks Final Season Shockers on Dexter


    Iceland-born actor, Darri Ingolfsson, has been making a name for himself in Hollywood since 2005. Ingolfsson has appeared in Flags of Our Fathers, Messenger, Last Resort, and most recently Showtime’s…

  4. How Twitter Feels About Debs Downward Spiral on #Dexter

    Emiah Gardner


    Last night’s episode of Dexter featured a self-destructive, drug addled Deb. If the previews are any indication, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Throughout Season 8, viewers can…

  5. Dexter, the Lovable Psychopath?

    Leah Burrows

    “Dexter, don’t crash your car, you have a body in there!” If you’re a fan of the Showtime hit Dexter, this sentence shouldn’t feel strange to you — after all,…