Articles tagged "design"

  1. What if you mixed the top TV characters together?


    If you took two of the top male characters and top female characters on cable TV today and blended them together, what would you get? We wanted to find out…

  2. How Much Money Do TV Celebrities Make? (INFOGRAPHIC)


    TV celebrities make a lot of money, but how much exactly? And which celebrities are making (or have made) the most money? You might be surprised. Take a look at…

  3. The Typography of TV Show Logos.


    Like the Nike swoosh and the Apple apple, the logos of TV shows are intended to efficiently communicate the central sentiments of the brands, er, series. And just as swooshes…

  4. The First Step to Digital Media Management?


    It used to be that you would store your movie collection in a drawer or on a shelf next to your TV. Now days things are quite a bit different….

  5. Infographic. Who Owns What You Watch on TV?


    Do you know who really owns the stuff you’re watching on TV? When you sit down to watch something and you see the channel logo hovering in the corner of…