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  1. David Giuntoli of “Grimm” Says They Wish You a Very Scary Christmas

    Diana Price

    David Giuntoli sat down to dish with the media about the very “Grimm” Christmas episode airing in a special double episode, mid-season finale. “12 Days of Krampus” plays on an…

  2. Friday Night TV is Ladies’ Night on NBC: The Hot Guys of ‘Grimm’ and ‘Dracula’

    Diana Price

    No date on Friday night, ladies? Settle in for a steaming plate of beefcake with a two-hour block of tasty testosterone on NBC: Specifically, “Grimm” and “Dracula.” Pop up some…

  3. Cable TV Shows You’ll Love: Top 9 Shows on TV Right Now

    Anne Marie Yerks

    Some watch TV to escape the drudgery of their quotidian existence. Others watch because TV provides something comfortable and familiar in a hectic world. Right now, good cable TV shows…