Articles tagged "Daryl Dixon"

  1. “The Walking Dead” Dating Game: Who’s Next To Hook Up?

    Treva Bowdoin

    The world of “The Walking Dead” isn’t the ideal place to get amorous. The smell of rotting flesh wafting through the air isn’t exactly an aphrodisiac, and it’s hard to…

  2. Everything I Need to Know About Life I Learned From “The Walking Dead”

    Diana Price

    When the creators of “The Walking Dead” launched the series, they probably had no idea how one little zombie apocalypse show would catch like wildfire, sweeping the country and shattering…

  3. ‘The Walking Dead’ Characters Face a Much Greater Threat than The Governor

    Diana Price

    At the end of last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, viewers gasped in horror as they finally got a glimpse of The Governor the first time this season watching…

  4. Norman Reedus Talks ‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 and Daryl Dixon’s Growth


    Norman Reedus Interview

    In an exclusive interview, Norman Reedus, star of AMC’s The Walking Dead, spoke about how his character Daryl Dixon has evolved from Season 1 to now and what fan’s could…