Articles tagged "dads"

  1. When Bad Shows Happen to Good People

    Valerie David

    Chicago Fire

    They can’t all be winners. Every season we are served up a fresh smorgasbord of new shows to sample and try. And every year there are some delightful new discoveries…

  2. Fall Show Premieres Prove Comedy is Still a Hot Commodity

    Kim Leonard

    The last couple weeks have been fun and exciting for viewers and stressful for broadcasters, which can only mean one thing: the new fall TV season is officially off and…

  3. Is Fox’s Deadbeat “Dads” Already Dead?

    Ben Mueller

    It’s never a good sign when critics are trashing your show… before it even hits the air. FOX’s live action Seth MacFarlane/Seth Green collab Dads is set to debut on…

  4. Dad, still better than those TV dads.


    Dad, we’ve had our hard times for sure, but compared to those TV dads I grew up with, you’ve done a pretty alright job. Sure, you tipped the canoe over…