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  1. Why We Need More “Drunk History” Right Now

    Rebecca Edwards


    If you haven’t seen “Drunk History,” you are missing out on one of the most hilarious 30 minutes of television. In this web series turned Comedy Central institution, creator Derek…

  2. Is Comedy Central Color-blind just like Steven Colbert?

    Rebecca Edwards


    With the changing of the guard at Comedy Central, fans and critics alike are in for a whole new era of political and pop culture commentary. Not only are the…

  3. “Inside Amy Schumer” Is the Ballsiest Show on TV

    Rebecca Edwards


    Comedy Central is known for off-beat, pervasive comedy that skewers societal standards, politics, and pop culture. But in a sea of shows helmed by funny men, one show stands out…

  4. 3 Reasons Martha Stewart Roasting Justin Bieber is Awesome

    Treva Bowdoin


    Martha Stewart is one of the celebrities who just couldn’t turn down the chance to do a little Bieb-bashing at the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber, which taped on…

  5. 5 Reasons You Should Be Watching “Broad City”

    Elle Lamboy" class="author">Elle Lamboy


    I was recently shocked to discover that I know people who aren’t tuning in to Comedy Central’s incredible series, “Broad City.” I shudder to think of how many people out…

  6. Who Should “South Park” Skewer Next?

    Treva Bowdoin

    “South Park” loves to lampoon pop culture, and the show is at its best when it chooses TV targets. Last season, we saw the mocking of Miley Cyrus’ MTV Video…

  7. INTERVIEW – Hannibal Buress Talks “Broad City”, Stand Up and His Upcoming Special


    Hannibal Buress is known for his appearances on “30 Rock” and “Broad City” as well as for his stand up comedy, including his own special on Comedy Central. Now Buress…

  8. How Key and Peele Use Stereotypes to Reduce Bias

    Emiah Gardner

    Since Comedy Central began airing “Key and Peele” in 2011, the comedy sketch show has been met with just as much controversy as acclaim—mostly due to the actors’ use of…

  9. “Broad City” Delivers Fresh and Funny Female Perspective Sans Snark

    Rebecca Edwards

    In what is becoming an ever more crowded landscape of “slacker” comedy featuring unmotivated 20-somethings muddling their way through post-college life, Comedy Central’s “Broad City” is a standout. Based on…

  10. Why Would James Frano Want To Be Roasted – Seth Rogen Named Roadmaster

    Jae Curtis

    In one of the biggest modern roastings of all time, James Franco is set to hit the Friars Club to be skewered by a panel of his peers on September…