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  1. Basic Cable Channels

    Jess Hutton

    The rooftop TV antenna is all but extinct now, replaced by buried cable wires and fancy satellite dishes. That poses a problem for someone that doesn’t care about watching premium…

  2. Guess what? McDonald's is launching a TV channel.


    With thousands of TV channels out on the air today, what could one more channel do? McDonald’s, the world’s largest chain of fast-food hamburger restaurants, is about to find out….

  3. If We Still Only Had 5 Channels…


    Back in the early days of TV there were only a small number of TV channels available. If you were fortunate enough to be born after cable TV channels started…

  4. How 300+ TV Channels Affects Your Brain.


    What happens to our brains when we sit down in front of a TV, unsure of exactly what we want to watch, and we find ourselves suddenly confronted with hundreds…