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  1. 5 New Shows From CBS

    Valerie David


    Somehow CBS managed to find room in their upcoming TV schedule to add some new shows. Alongside their long-running hits, and five unexpected renewals, the network is launching three new…

  2. 5 CBS Shows That Need To Step Up Their Game

    Valerie David


    Oh how the years go by! #TBT to season one of #TheGoodWife! CBS does well with their schedule of dramas, airing shows with ratings that smaller networks would kill for….

  3. 8 Career Lessons from Your Favorite TV Characters

    Valerie David

    Suits - Season 4

    We’ve all heard the saying, “Art imitates life.” TV characters become our favorites because they strike a chord with our own reality. We either relate to them or there is…

  4. “The Good Wife” Star Mike Colter on Lemond Bishop’s Relationships and Details on Season Six

    Lindsay Cronin

    On “The Good Wife,” Mike Colter plays Lemond Bishop, a powerful drug dealer in Chicago, who is both a ruthless criminal and a loving father. Colter chatted with CableTV yesterday,…

  5. Dylan McDermott to Star in Upcoming Stalker Drama on CBS

    Lindsay Cronin

    Dylan McDermott is returning to CBS in a new stalker drama by Kevin Williamson. After recently wrapping CBS’s “Hostages,” McDermott is moving forward and staying with the network for what…

  6. “Ironside” and Other Fall TV Show Flops

    Jae Curtis

    Hey, they can’t all be winners – that’s never more evident as when dealing with new TV shows. It’s notoriously difficult to gain a following and have fans rabid for…

  7. Aereo and Live TV Streaming: Tiny Antennas Causing a Big Stir

    Ben Mueller

      The tech world is all atwitter about Aereo, the live TV streaming startup priced at only $8 a month. Is the service really at the helm of a TV…

  8. Why Everyone Is Raving About Under The Dome

    Kimberly Ripley

    Under the Dome is sure to add some serious sizzle to summer TV. One of Stephen King’s longest novels has been adapted for the small screen, and it certainly seems…