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  1. Science According to “The Big Bang Theory”

    Treva Bowdoin


    On tonight's #BigBangTheory, the guys have a comically good idea you don't want to miss. — The Big Bang Theory (@BigBang_CBS) October 6, 2014 The geeky members of…

  2. “The Good Wife” Star Mike Colter on Lemond Bishop’s Relationships and Details on Season Six

    Lindsay Cronin

    On “The Good Wife,” Mike Colter plays Lemond Bishop, a powerful drug dealer in Chicago, who is both a ruthless criminal and a loving father. Colter chatted with CableTV yesterday,…

  3. Charlie Sheen Isn’t Man Enough for CBS’s “Two and a Half Men”

    Lindsay Cronin


    Charlie Sheen wants to return to “Two and a Half Men,” but I think CBS would be silly to allow it. Not only has Sheen been completely disrespectful to the…

  4. Why Sheldon and Amy Need to Break Up on “The Big Bang Theory”

    Treva Bowdoin


    Did u enjoy the sweet moment btw Sheldon & Amy last night? Watch the ep again: #BigBangTheory — The Big Bang Theory (@BigBang_CBS) May 10, 2013 On “The…

  5. CBS’s Love Affair with Waitresses Continues in “Scorpion”

    Treva Bowdoin

    CBS really has a thing for TV series that feature waitresses as the female leads. If you’re an actress on the network, it seems like you’re either solving crimes or…

  6. “Big Bang Theory” Cast Follows 5 Other TV Ensembles to Get Raises

    Lindsay Cronin

    Last month, E! News reported the cast of “The Big Bang Theory” was asking for “Friends” money ahead of their upcoming eighth season, and this week, they got what they…

  7. Dylan McDermott to Star in Upcoming Stalker Drama on CBS

    Lindsay Cronin

    Dylan McDermott is returning to CBS in a new stalker drama by Kevin Williamson. After recently wrapping CBS’s “Hostages,” McDermott is moving forward and staying with the network for what…

  8. Alyson Hannigan Lands A Role In Ben Affleck And Matt Damon’s New CBS Pilot

    Lindsay Cronin

    Alyson Hanningan just scored an exciting new role in an upcoming CBS series, which will be produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Entertainment Weekly confirmed Alyson Hannigan has nabbed…

  9. The Emotional Rainbow of Robin Williams (As Told in GIFs)

    Ben Mueller

    You’ll be happy to know that CBS’s new comedy The Crazy Ones doesn’t star depressing Good Will Hunting Robin Williams, but instead Good Morning, Vietnam/Patch Adams/Mrs. Doubtfire/Every Other Zany Robin…

  10. “Ironside” and Other Fall TV Show Flops

    Jae Curtis

    Hey, they can’t all be winners – that’s never more evident as when dealing with new TV shows. It’s notoriously difficult to gain a following and have fans rabid for…