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  1. Answering Our Questions About “The Good Wife” Season 7

    Valerie David


    There was a lot that happened last season on “The Good Wife” and we’re expecting a lot more drama when season seven begins this fall. When we last saw our…

  2. 5 New Shows From CBS

    Valerie David


    Somehow CBS managed to find room in their upcoming TV schedule to add some new shows. Alongside their long-running hits, and five unexpected renewals, the network is launching three new…

  3. 5 CBS Shows That Need To Step Up Their Game

    Valerie David


    Oh how the years go by! #TBT to season one of #TheGoodWife! CBS does well with their schedule of dramas, airing shows with ratings that smaller networks would kill for….

  4. 8 Career Lessons from Your Favorite TV Characters

    Valerie David

    Suits - Season 4

    We’ve all heard the saying, “Art imitates life.” TV characters become our favorites because they strike a chord with our own reality. We either relate to them or there is…

  5. Top 10 Reasons We’ll Miss David Letterman

    Rebecca Edwards


    David Letterman’s final show is set to air May 20. When this icon of late night takes his final bow, it will be the end of an era. Letterman is…

  6. “The Good Wife” Writing Mistakes Means Trouble for Series

    Valerie David


    Fans of “The Good Wife” expect a lot from this show. We’ve been spoiled by a wealth of complex characters, intriguing stories, and shocking twists. This is a difficult trend…

  7. Are Casting Choices too Weak for New Feminist “Supergirl” Series?

    Valerie David


    It has historically been tough to please comic book fans once their favorite superheroes hit the big or small screen. The new “Supergirl” pilot for CBS is no exception. Potential…

  8. “Person of Interest” Keeps Hope Alive for Shaw — What Happens Next?

    Valerie David


    TV writers are much more gung-ho about drastic changes than their show’s audiences. “Person of Interest” fans had a tough time dealing with the loss of Detective Carter (Taraji P….

  9. How Root Transformed from Villain to Heroine on CBS’s “Person of Interest”

    Valerie David

    Person of Interest

    The first time CBS’s “Person of Interest” fans really met Root (Amy Acker) was when she posed as an impending murder victim, then kidnapped Finch. This cold, calculating, lethal woman…

  10. CBS’s “The Good Wife” – Why Alicia and Finn Make None of the Sense

    Guest Poster


    Our guest poster today is Christan Marashio. Christan is an NYC gender issues writer and dating columnist. You can find more of her work at And That’s Why You’re Single….