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  1. 5 Ways to Cope with the Midseason Absence of Your Favorite Shows

    Rebecca Edwards

    couple watching television bored

    It can be hard enough to survive the cold, bleak days of winter, but at least after the glitter and sparkle of the holidays have passed we still have our…

  2. The Best Worst Clowns on Cable

    Rebecca Edwards

    With “American Horror Story”s horrible clown terrorizing TV viewers everywhere, it’s time to take a look at TV clowns over the years. Have we always been afraid of these made-up,…

  3. Bad Timing Could Cost AT&T Millions of Dollars

    John Dilley

    By acting too early, AT&T may have driven up the price on one of DIRECTV’s featured assets, NFL SUNDAY TICKET. On May 18, AT&T announced it was purchasing DIRECTV for…

  4. Cable or Apple TV? Head-to-head Competition for Home Entertainment

    John Dilley

    If people are looking to have a TV service other than cable, one alternative is the Apple TV®, which Apple introduced back in 2007. Though Apple has not yet begun…

  5. No, Netflix and Hulu are Not Killing Cable

    Carson Ward

    Perhaps we could excuse a little journalistic sensationalism, but to claim “Netflix and Hulu Are Starting to Kill Cable” is either naïve or dishonest. We’ve heard that claim a lot…

  6. Reports of Cable’s Death from Netflix are Wildly Exaggerated

    Ryann Rasmussen


    Over the course of the past decade, streaming video has taken the place of downloading and file sharing as the chief perceived online threat to established media concerns. As the…

  7. Cheap Cable TV

    Jess Hutton

    Cable TV is no longer a luxury as much as it is a necessity. Who doesn’t want to keep up with the Kardashians, or watch zombies roaming the Georgia hillsides…

  8. Cable and Internet Packages

    Jess Hutton

    Cable and Internet usually go hand in hand – especially if you love TV. Having cable is nice because you can keep up to speed with TV shows as they…

  9. Looking at Alternatives to Cable

    Jess Hutton

    Television is the midst of a renaissance and it’s better than ever. TV has become the go-to place for filmmakers and writers to tell the stories they want to tell…

  10. Netflix Says: Keep Your Suggestions to Yourself!

    Jess Hutton

    Netflix announced it is adding profiles so you can do just that. Each subscription will get five unique profiles, and each profile will be given recommendations based on their particular…