Articles tagged "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

  1. Our 10 Favorite Introverted TV Characters

    Rebecca Edwards

    Parks and Recreation - Season 7

    When you think of an introvert, do you picture a stereotypical wet blanket with a nose in a book and a disdainful eye on the havoc wreaked upon them by…

  2. Dean Winters- That Guy in Every Show that You Don’t Know by Name

    Rebecca Edwards


    You know that one guy who seems to be in every show, but you just can’t ever remember his name? He’s usually a favorite, and you’re always excited to see…

  3. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is Damn Funny

    Jonathan Deesing


    From the outset, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” had a lot working against it. Entering the oversaturated and overdone cop genre as a comedy raised more than a few eyebrows. Some questioned whether…

  4. Andy Samberg Talks About Going From SNL to ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’


    Andy Samberg, star of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and the show’s creators and executive producers Dan Goor and Mike Schur, sat down with CableTV to discuss their new series and what viewers…