Articles tagged "basketball"

  1. Why LeBron James Deserves at Least $31 Million per Year

    John Dilley


    With LeBron James still undecided about where he will play next season, you might start to wonder how much he’s really worth. How much value does the world’s greatest player…

  2. Sports Are Rarely Unpredictable and That’s Exactly Why We Watch Them

    John Dilley

    A recent Slate article by Joel Warner outlines a study that found high consistency in scoring patterns among basketball, football, and hockey. I’m not that surprised by the findings. Football,…

  3. Social Media and the College Sports Recruiting Battle

    Aaron Eldredge

    College Sports Recruiting

    Remember the old days of recruiting? Letters and phone calls, letters and phone calls everywhere. These days it’s Facebook and Twitter, and the attention comes from more people than just…

  4. Why The San Antonio Spurs Will Win Game 7 – NBA Finals 2013

    Aaron Eldredge

    Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs have already moved on from the devastating Game 6 loss. “If you told us we’d be tied 3-3 with a chance to win…