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Articles tagged "american idol"

  1. “American Idol’s” First Openly Gay Contestant, MK Nobilette Shines in the Spotlight

    Rebecca Edwards

    So far, 2014 has been a groundbreaking year when it comes to highly visible people officially coming out as gay. In February, both college sports and reality TV were rocked…

  2. Past “American Idol” Winners: Where Are They Now?

    Mandy Robinson

    American Idol is returning in January for its 13th season. This time they have brought back Randy Jackson as a mentor instead of a judge. The three judges this season will…

  3. Mariah Carey Claims ‘American Idol’ Was Like “Working In Hell With Satan”

    Lindsay Cronin

    Mariah Carey joined the judges panel of American Idol for the show’s twelfth season in late 2012. Right away, the pop star butted heads with fellow judge and rapper Nicki…

  4. Why American Idol Is Next on The Canceled TV Show Chopping Block

    Jae Curtis

    After years of judge roulette, producers for American Idol did something they’d never tried before—pulling the plug on the entire panel after season 12. Shocking news over the weekend revealed…

  5. America Loves Talent Shows, but They're Wearing Us Out


    Why are there so many of these shows, and why do we keep watching? Fox network is pushing Simon Cowell’s new show, “The X-Factor,” as the highlight of its fall…