Articles tagged "amazon"

  1. Exclusive: Interview with Carsten Norgaard of Amazon’s “The Man in the High Castle”

    Sarah Pike

    Credit: Riker Brothers

    The CableTV blog team spoke to Carsten Norgaard of Amazon’s “The Man in the High Castle” to learn a bit about what we can expect in season one. Carsten also shares…

  2. Former “Top Gear” Hosts Signs with Amazon

    Will Smith


    The former hosts of “Top Gear” are leaving pay TV for Amazon. Is this the biggest TV news in the world? Once James May and Richard Hammond declined to return…

  3. Golden Globes Hands Traditional Networks a Pink Slip

    Rebecca Edwards


    Thanks to the Golden Globes, it seems the big four networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX) have been put on notice. Not one shiny statue went to the veteran networks…

  4. Amazon Releases 14 TV Pilots — Letting Viewers Vote for More


    Rumors have been floating all over the Internet about the possibility of Amazon Instant TV taking a cue from Netflix by developing and releasing its own set of original programming….

  5. 5 ways to find the best holiday TV deals.


    Looking to get a new TV for the holidays this year? Whether you’re giving a TV away as a gift or planning to get one for yourself, there’s a lot…